My Blag-o-blag
I don't know how to be an octopus about this.

Pics from Welcome to Night Vale last night! 
I went to the 8pm showing at the Booksmith in San Francisco (which is a block away from work!) and it was completely fantastic.  It was both a fun episode and an incredibly shippy one.  Get ready for it. 
I snapped some pics of Cecil and Mara along with the Waiting for the Bus guy!  Cecil came out to see fans after the show and he signed my reuseable bag (since that is what I had on me atm). 

I’ve included my pic of my outfit and freaky eye make-up b/c I am proud of them.

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  1. ccaiitiiee said: i am so jealous you don’t even know. holy shit. also, you’re a cutie patotie.
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